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Best Free SSL Certificate

First off, for those who are not familiar with the term, SSL is short for Secure Sockets Layer created by Netscape. It's a procedure ensures that all transaction between web servers and browsers are safe and secure. The SSL acts as a bridge so that browsers can safely connect to web servers without compromising security. There are verified Certificate Authorities (CA) such as which can give you the best free SSL certificate, without the hassle of paying for the service.

Why is getting an SSL certificate important?

Some websites phish for visitor data, these sites are unsafe and did not pass SSL protocol. Have you ever clicked a link to a website and there's a security warning on the screen regarding the site's certificate? That has something to do with the site's SSL or any violation they might have done to merit the viewer warning.

Would you proceed to a site with a certification warning? Nobody in their right mind would, unless they are not informed of the importance of having a clean site record and a good SSL certificate. That’s why you need to avail the BestFreeSSL service for the best free SSL certificate for your site.

Why do you need an SSL certificate?

Almost every online business or website owner use SSL certificates in their websites. The better your security in your site, the higher your trust rating will be.

When you make transactions or online payment, you have to give out your information to process your orders, if a website doesn't have an SSL certificate, information that can easily be taken and misused.

When you join, subscribe or employ the services of a specific site, you need to register first. When you register you give out personal data. Without SSL data that can be taken and placed in the wrong hands and worse, you can be a victim of identity theft.

  • An SSL certificate makes your site more secure for your visitors.
  • Sensitive information such as credit card information, personal data, phone numbers, and email address contacts can be secured with the help of an SSL encryption.
  • You can put your clients at jeopardy since any third party can access this information unless your site has an SSL certificate.

How to get an SSL certificate

There are certificate authorities likeBestFreeSSL that can give you the best free SSL certificate. same as the paid SSL CAs. Most people think that the more expensive, the better. That's not entirely true since most of the time you are paying for the brand and not the service.

To install and get an SSL certification, you can make use of the best free SSL certificate service that will enable it on your website. You can verify if a site has an SSL certificate because it shows a golden padlock icon in browsers or a green address bar for some.

To ensure the client's visitors that the site is safe, aside from the usual green address bar and golden padlock, they will provide a trust seal that you can place in your website. It's the CAs logo that you can put on your site authenticating their service and that your site is secure. Having a seal increases the client's trust on your site and makes it look more professional. You can usually see this sites on such as Amazon or E-bay since it's mostly deals with online transactions but can be placed even on personal websites as well.

The difference between HTTP and HTTPS

Once a site is encrypted with an SSL certificate your site address will change from HTTP:// to HTTPS://. Sites with HTTPS:// are more secure since these are the sites that are enabled with an SSL certificate. Your clients can be rest assured knowing you will be the only ones who know their information. Giving out this information to a third party is a violation, doing so can have you or your website blacklisted and you can even face charges.

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